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As one of only a few private criminal defense attorneys in Utah qualified by the Utah Supreme Court's rules to defend capital homicide cases (death penalty cases), Utah criminal lawyer Rudy J. Bautista brings a wealth of experience to each client's case.

Salt Lake Criminal Defense Attorney Mr. Bautista graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY in 1991. Following a successful career as a Merchant Marine officer, Mr. Bautista entered and graduated from the Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark School of Law in 1999. Mr. Bautista has practiced criminal defense exclusively, defending his clients' rights since that time.

Mr. Bautista has represented more than 5,000 clients, obtaining not guilty verdicts or dismissals in a variety of criminal cases including homicide, white collar crime, sex offenses, aggravated robbery, burglary, thefts, forgeries, drug and alcohol offenses, and violent crimes.

Mr. Bautista handles each case from the onset as if the case were going to trial. While most criminal cases are dismissed or resolved prior to trial, this kind of aggressive and diligent case preparation is fundamental to achieving a successful result for his clients. Whether you intend to take your case all the way to trial or are hoping to reach a negotiated resolution, it is vital to have an attorney on your side who is willing to put in the work necessary to achieve the results that you need.

Mr. Bautista habitually exceeds the mandatory continuing legal education (CLE) requirements set by the Utah State Bar. Mr. Bautista keeps abreast of major developments in important defense-related fields, such as fraud and white collar crime, sex crimes, computer crimes, environmental crimes, and more.  Mr. Bautista is one of only a few criminal defense attorneys in private practice who is qualified, under the rules set forth by the Utah Supreme Court, to represent clients facing the death penalty for a capital murder charge in Utah. Thanks to his hard work and extensive experience, Mr. Bautista has successfully helped five clients facing capital homicide charges to avoid the death penalty.

Current and Past Affiliations:

  • NACDL-National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • UACDL-Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • NLADA-National Legal Aid & Defender Association

Selected Utah Appellate Courts Reported Cases:

  • Salt Lake City v. Hendricks, 2002 UT App 47
  • Salt Lake City v. Roseto, 2002 UT App 66
  • State v. Jensen, 2003 UT 273
  • State v. Cushing, 2004 UT App 73

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Based in Salt Lake City, Mr. Bautista provides effective criminal defense representation to clients throughout Utah. If you are facing criminal charges, call Rudy Bautista now to arrange for a confidential consultation.

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